Perfectly Warm radiant heat film for floating floors Radiant Heat Film for Floating Floors

Electric Radiant Heating system

Perfectly Warm® Radiant Heat Film for Floating Floors is ideally suited for floating flooring materials like laminiate, engineered wood, hardwoods, Luxury Vinyl Flooring, and floating tile like SnapStone, Avaire, and Eclipse. Using an ultra-efficient conductive ink technology, Perfectly Warm® Radiant Heat Film for Floating Floors:

  • Disperses a fast, more evenly consistent heat throughout the entire floor.
  • Consumes less power than traditional wired systems.
  • Unique design is also thoughtfully crafted to not completely shut down if the system should ever become compromised or damaged.
  • Fast same day Installation! It’s the world’s easiest radiant heat system to install! Because of its ultra-thin design of .016” thick, it is easy to put down fast and easy without any mess, mortar, or glue. Roll out the panel and then sizing it to fit with a simple pair of household scissors. Configure the radiant heat panels over our QuietWalk underlayment. Direct all lead wires toward one central electrical box and have a licensed electrician do the final connection to one of our electronic programmable thermostats. Be sure to follow the complete detailed installation instructions included in each package (available in "downloads").
  • This product is not intended for traditional tile or glue down floors please see QuietWarmth Radiant Heat Fiber Underlayment for Traditional Tile
  • Technical Hotline 888-WARM PAD