Zip-Up Ceiling Systems

The first products of their kind, Zip-UP Ceiling® and Zip-UP UnderDeck® Systems, offer an affordable watertight ceiling or underdeck system that allows access to overhead wiring or plumbing. The interlocking panels are made from washable mold resistant PVC and save headroom in tight spaces. Each system gives a professional looking ceiling and is quick and easy to install.

ZipUp Ceiling System

Zip-UP Ceiling® is the first ceiling product of its kind that has addressed what consumers want out of a ceiling system: aesthetics partnered with functionality. This is a grid free ceiling made from PVC that saves headroom, has unprecedented access to plumbing and wiring, and boasts an impervious-to-water-and-moisture warranty. Additionally, Zip-UP Ceiling will not mold or mildew.

ZipUp UnderDeck System

Zip-UP UnderDeck® finishes the underside of a deck providing dry, useable outdoor living space without sacrificing headroom or the beauty of a deck. The Zip-UP Underdeck System provides ease of installation and a washable mold resistant surface, while channeling any water from above to a gutter system.