Can You Cut All Three QuietWarmth Versions?

Can you cut any of the Quietwarmth Radiant heat film mats? Well, Yes, you can… All the QuietWarmth mats are ready to go right out of the box, so if you do not need to cut to length to fit your area, you can just unroll and go. But one of the best attributes that makes the QuietWarmth radiant heat products unique from many other traditional wired floor heat products is the fact you can cut the mats to length.

All the QuietWarmth products are made from a conductive ink technology, because of this, it allows for our products to be flexible and thinner than a credit card. And it makes Cutting them is easy for all 3 product applications and they only require a regular household scissors. For Floating Floor applications – the ones labeled “float” on the package – are for floors that float over the subfloor like floating vinyl planks that are 4mm or greater in overall thickness, laminate, floating engineered wood, and floating tile installations like Mohawk’s Fast Tile. The Float mats just require cutting between the dotted lines. Do not cut into the black heating stripe. If a black stripe is cut into by mistake, simply cut off the next black strip between the dotted lines. Each boxed mat comes with 2 colored insulating discs to cover the freshly cut silver bus bar ends. Be sure to cover each side completely with the colored disks.

For traditional tile and glue-down flooring applications – the ones labeled “tile” on the package – are for floors that require thin-set mortar or other adhesives. Just like the Float mats, the Tile mats require cutting across the mat – between the black stripes just as before. After cutting, the Tile Mats do require an additional step. To get a good seal around the cut edge of the mat and to properly create a moisture-tight barrier, Cut back one black heat stripe from both sides of the panel. This will deaden the last stripe so the mat will properly be encased in the membrane. Make sure not to cut into the second black stripe. In the box, the mat comes with the 2 colored insulating disks. On each side, Fold the colored insulating disk over the ends of the silver bus bars – covering these ends completely to avoid electrical leakage. We have placed a link in the description to our video installation instructions and how to fully prepare the Tile mats for installation even after cutting.

Finally, when cutting the QuietWarmth Radiant Heat system for under subfloors – the ones labeled “joist” on the package – are for under subfloors with access below with 16” on center joist spacing. Unlike float and tile versions that you can cut almost any length off as needed, the Joist version is built upon 1ft panel increments. Only cut between the 1 ft panels that are marked “cut here”. Do not cut randomly into any part of the black stripes that are not labeled where to cut. Doing so will disable the mat from working properly. Insulate the cut ends with the provided colored discs – on both of the freshly cut silver bus bar ends

If for whatever reason you misplace or cannot locate the colored insulating discs, you may simply use electrical tape to cover the ends of the cut silver bus bars.

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