Can you use QuietWalk Underlayment for Pergo Flooring?

Underlayment for Pergo Flooring

Pergo flooring offers excellent flooring choices for homeowners who are looking to brighten up their living space. From Pergo Outlast+, XP to Portfolio Series, the flooring will last you years to enjoy. When you purchase this flooring, you most likely wonder if you need flooring underlayment for your Pergo flooring. In this article, we will answer the question “Can you use quietwalk underlayment for Pergo flooring”.

For planks without attached underlayment – According to their installation instructions, you can install over single layer of underlayment appropriate for laminate floors. Yes, you can use QuietWalk underlayment.

For planks with attached underlayment – According to their installation instructions, it is acceptable to install Pergo FloorMate™ underlayment prior to flooring installation if desired. Make sure to follow the Pergo FloorMate™ installation instructions, taking special care to seal all foam edges with sealing tape and repair all rips and perforations in the underlayment vapor barrier prior to flooring installation. A separate vapor barrier should not be used in conjunction with Pergo FloorMate™.

Using additional underlayment under already attached underlayment may cause “decoupling” as the underlayment can provide to much cushion at the joints. Pergo may have done testing on their Pergo FloorMate™ to ensure it won’t decouple after installation. This would be why it is acceptable to install the Pergo FlorMate™.

With QuietWalk’s compression resistance, it exceeds the requirement for pre-attached flooring that is greater than 29 psi @50% per ASTM D1667. The high compression resistance assures that the underlayment will not contribute to floor decoupling.

So the answer is yes, you can use QuietWalk underlayment under Pergo flooring.

Additional features QuietWalk offers is:

• Will not rip or give perforations during installation as it’s made with dense fibers
• Provides moisture management to prevent moisture being trapped from underneath allowing the floor to breathe
• No VOC’s which allows your family to breathe clean air – QuietWalk has acquired third party certification (GreenGuard Gold Certification). This allows QuietWalk to be installed in educational and healthcare facilities.
• QuietWalk is made out of 94% post and pre-industrial fibers – saving 40,000 tons per week from landfills – In about one year we can go around the world once with QuietWalk or go across the USA 5 times
• Thermal Insulation of 0.58
• A separate vapor barrier can be used with conjunction with QuietWalk Underlayment. This will block any moisture from concrete subfloor.
• Works great with QuietWarmth floor heating systems

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