Do Heated Floors Use a Lot of Electricity

Do Heated Floors Use a Lot of Electricity?

It all depends on how many watts your radiant heat system consumes per hour and how much your lifestyle plans to live with the system turned on.

Since electric companies charge us a rate on how many Kilowatt-hours per month our homes consume it is easy to compute and understand how much an electric radiant heat mat consumes if all you know is how many watts it consumes per hour.

It is important to remember, that 1 KiloWatt is equal to 1000 Watts. And we know that QuietWarmth mats consume about 12 watts per hour per sq ft. The final variable in the equation is to know what your electric company charges for every kilowatt-hour, it can be found on your billing statement. The national average rate is about 12 cents. Understanding how many hours a day you will want the heating comfort is a great piece of the puzzle to calculating how much it will consume.

Ok, so we have all we need to know to understand and calculate how much electricity Quietwarmth mats will consume per day.

So for example, Let’s say you have one 3×5 QuietWarmth mat in the bathroom which covers 15 sq ft. Take that 15 sq ft mat times the 12 watts per sq ft consumption we know the mat will consume. The mat will consume 180 watts. Now we need to convert those watts to Kilowatts to make it friendlier to figure the electric company rates. Take the 180 watts divide by 1000 to convert to kilowatts to get .18 kilowatts consumed per hour. Take your electric company’s kilowatt rate found on your bill – but for now, let’s take the national average of 12 cents times the .18 watts consumed to get the cost to run the mat per hour at 2 cents. If you were to run this 15 sq ft bathroom mat for 8 hours a day, it would cost you about 16 cents per day. Usually, once the mat gets up to the desired temperature in the first few hours, it will consume about half the amount of electricity because the thermostat will not continuously call for the heat. Also using a programmable thermostat can help with cost efficiency as well, allowing you to turn up the heat around your lifestyle in that area.

If you do not feel like doing these calculations or math really isn’t your game, you can go to as we have a helpful energy cost calculator that figures the cost for you. As you can quickly see QuietWarmth radiant heat mats are very efficient and for pennies per day YOU can have warm feet.

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