Electric Radiant Floor Heating Reviews

Electric Radiant Floor heating

Looking for electric radiant floor heating reviews? QuietWarmth has received many over the years for the following applications:

Electric Radiant Floor Heating Reviews for Laminate and Floating Floors

We laid this under laminate flooring in the den under my wife’s desk. Since the floor is easy to pop up it was the right choice and it took no time at all. The box came with everything needed besides a few tools. I liked that it was easily trimmed with scissors. The website listed on the box even provides a detailed video for installation. Since installing this one my wife insisted on getting 2 more for the bathroom and we are going to attempt to use one in the green house in the colder months. It does not make the floor hot just cozy enough to be bare foot. We did see there is a separate thermostat that can be bought to control the temp of the floor may be more suitable for some. By Bstep7245 in Indiana

I had never heard of such a product before receiving Quiet Warmth – Radiant Heat Film for Floating Floors free from Bazaarvoice/ TryIt Sampling Community to review. So excited about the amazing features, no more cold feet, socks. My grandbabies didn’t want to sleep in their beds they just wanted to sleep on the warm floor. By JamesC in Many Louisiana

Bought this a month ago bi had it installed in the walk in closet area. We live in Midwest where the winter temperatures are very cold. This was just perfect. Warm feeling under the foot early in the morning. Just perfect way to t start the day. Works great as specified. By Theheat23 in Minneapolis

I recently had the Quiet Warmth Radiant Heat Film installed in my laundry room and I love it. My electrician didn’t take much time to wire it up. It sits directly under my floating floor and keeps my feet pretty toasty. The room gets cold during the fall and winter so this is just what I needed. By Definfected

I used this in my bathroom. The floors are always cold in there. It was easy to install. It took less than a day. It warmed up fast and even threw out the whole area. It is very thin and i sould not tell it was there. It was very easy. By Cduke in San Antionio TX

This is a great way to keep your space warm and efficient. It was very easy to install under our flooring, and gave a seamless and smooth finish to the flooring. We will certainly consider this for more rooms. By pfoster in New Tripoli, PA

I am so glad I received this product. Even with it being April here in Texas this weather has been cold and this product was able to help warm my floors. I installed it in my living room right in front of my sofa now my feet stay warm. I’m going to purchase one for my kitchen soon for when me and my wife cook. Our fur babies and grand children like the warm floor also. Great product great price.by Biggaryj in Texas

We have an older home with what I think is bad insulation and we are currently doing remodel room by room. The master bath is always incredibly cold and I was told by several people installing heated floors was worth every penny so we gave it a shot. Quiet warmth is just that. I was worried for some reason it would make a noise, but It doesn’t. It installed a lot easier than we expected and has been worth the time and money 100%. We have seen a decrease in our monthly utility bill as it’s been more efficient way to provide heat. This film has my family hooked and we will be installing it next in the kitchen and guest bathroom. Not only are we saving money, but adding value to our home. By JGrant in Denver CO

I installed it under my hardwood floor. Super easy installation. Wires came up from the wooden floor to be plugged to a power source. It provides gradual heat and is great for winters. The heat was evenly spread. Cutting the length was super easy. I highly recommend this product that comes in handy in the winters. By gurdial8 in Herndon, VA

Today I installed my Quiet Warmth Radiant heat film under my floating laminate floor. It was a pretty easy installation. It did not come with a thermostat so I purchased a Quiet Warmth Digital Non-Programmable Thermostat with a Built-in GFCI, it was also easy to connect. The heat film is super thin so it does not add any thickness to the floor. I did not need to, but it can be trimmed to fit with scissors. I like how it evenly heats my bedroom floor, no more cold feet. I will definitely be buying more of these for the rest of the house. By Maxbet in Chicago, IL

So easy to install, and gives great heat evenly across the floor,if your looking for an easy to do yourself project to keep your floors warm you have got to try this radiant heat film for floating floors by Denny322 in Pennsylvania

Omg when I received it was packaged all neat and nice. And when I received it was a little difficult to open but I finally got it open. When I first used it , i was amazed with how it made my whole warmer and it stayed at right temperature too. It is truly an amazing product to have and use in the home. I will continue to use it.

EASY to use. So much easier than I expected. Love the warmth it provides. Great to use in bathrooms and so nice after showers. If you are in the market for something to warm your floors, this is a must have. By xOliviasmommy14x in Horn Lake, MS

This QuietWarmth – Quiet Warmth – Radiant Heat Film for Floating Floors is extremely easy to install and allows easy adjustment for complicated areas. It is so wonderful to put our feet on a warm, cozy floor. Need to buy a lot of extras. Thank you! By VinAAT

Electric Radiant Floor Heating Reviews for Tile and Glue-Down Flooring

I remodeled my master bath and decided to put this under my tile. With the product being so thin it didn’t really add any height to my floor. I’ve decided that I will be going out to purchase more of this product to put in my entrance way and my wife’s area where she gets ready. ~ Toolmanwoody in Pittsburgh

I have a very cold bathroom, with cold floors. My father installed the film. He says it was easy and with the new tiles it works nice. My wife is happy with it I recommend this technology and will be installing more films as I redo house. By RobertNYC in New York

I live in Chicago and the tiles in the kitchen used to get crazy cold here. I came across this product ad immediately wanted to try it. I have put this in the kitchen floor and it is now so easy to stand and cook without having leg or hip pain. The warmth also helps heal any pain in the foot. Would highly recommend this product by Rahul in Chicago

We installed this in our office over tile floors and it’s been amazing so far. We previously had electric baseboard heat in the office and were able to remove that and free up 10 feet of wall space. Now we have radiant heat that is much more comfortable as opposed to the on/off nature of the electric baseboards. Installation was easy (for a qualified person) and we hope to enjoy this for many years to come. By rvdaddy in Philadelphia, PA

I installed this heat film in my bathroom under the tile floors. We laid it down starting from toilet , across the shower to the vanity. So, we get the nice warm floor under the bare feet in the cold mornings of our NorthEast home, when we walk into the bathroom. I used a thermostat for this radiant heat floor. I used Programmable thermostat, but non-programmable can be used as well. These films are very nice-super quality and very easy to install (with proper planning, of course). Easy to trim the mat with scissors. It really works well and keep the floors warm. no need to cover the full bathroom floor (as you don’t need to waste it under vanity/tub). Definitely DIY if you are handy enough (or use proper electrician for connecting thermostat). Would be a good idea to connect and let it run overnight to ensure heating is good and works well – before you put the tiles on. Overall, very happy with the product. By Desi2go in NYC

I got the QuietWarmth Radiant Heat Film for Tile Floors to use in the bathroom that we were remodeling. It worked great. It was so easy to put down and you could cut it to the size that your needed. It makes a difference and we love it. By Zanna7783 in Pittsburgh

QuietWarmth is an amazing product that helps to heat cold tile flooring from underneath! It is easy to install. Just roll out, cut length to fit if needed. It also suppresses impact sound from flooring while keeping the floor insulated and actually makes the tile warm to the touch! Perfect for anyone who constantly has cold feet like me! This type of radiant heat film can actually save homeowners 30-40% on their energy bills, what more can you ask for?! I would highly suggest this product for anyone looking to build a home or just redoing their flooring! By actingfreak1413 in Athens, OH

This is one cool product! It’s simple enough to install. Since it can be easily cut, I did a small area in the bathroom and am planning on doing another area in the enclosed porch. It really gives my home a spa feel. By Ivaz104 in Cape May, NJ

Very impressed by this product, a lot more user friendly than I though it would be. It was very easy to lay, and easy to cut to fit as well. It is not hard to lay either. The product is a must have and leaves the floor amazing by Chayes in Portsmouth, VA

Used under a tile floor in the bathroom. Provided nice comfort. Easy to install under the grout and time, but took some extra time to install as I am not very experienced with electrical. Provided good amount of heat. By emichalo1224 in Pittsburgh, PA

This heat film for tile floors was very easy to install. Installation was done in an afternoon. My wife is enjoying the warm tile and so am I. It has no wires and just rolls right down and voila it’s installed. I love that I was able to find this item.by Bob53 in Phoenix, Arizona

The QuietWarmth Radiant Heat Film for Tile Floors came packaged well and shipped quickly. The QuietWarmth Radiant Heat Film for Tile Floors looks and feels well made and not flimsy or fragile. At first review, it seems to be a good, well made product. By Warm Floors in Pennsylvania

So my wife gets extremely cold rather quickly and hates when her feet are cold so while remodeling our bathroom I decided to surprise her with heated tile floor and I’m so glad I did. She couldn’t be happier they don’t get so hot they burn you like some of the cheap flimsy brands and they’re not cold they’re the perfect temp to make sure you don’t freeze while walking in the bathroom by Joshuad in West Springfield, MA

We put this in our bathroom and I never realized how nice heated flooring is. It was very easy to install and simple to set up. This size worked perfectly for my bigger bathroom. I will be installing this in the kitchen of our house next. No more cold feet in the Ohio winters. By mitchlb in OH

want to make that cold bathroom or kitchen floor nice and cozy? This is the ticket! Pretty simple installation and boom, nice warm floor in the winter! The only issues I would have is I wish you could buy longer lengths. By iceman373 in PA

The quiet warmth radiant heat film for tile floors is absolutely amazing. This thing works like a charm and keeps my tile very warm. It is very easy to install and is very lightweight and is flush with my tiles and floor. This is very heavy duty as it keeps my tiles very warm and heats them up very fast. I like how simple it is to install and to operate. This is an absolutely amazing product and I think every homeowner should have this in their house. This is very good on cold nights when you have to go to the bathroom and your floors are warm and even getting out of the shower on cold nights. I absolutely love this product and definitely would recommend it to everybody. By Warm Feet in San Francisco, CA

I installed this in a room Im building in my garage. It was easy to lay down and put the tile over. The directions are easy to follow. I have had it down for a few days now so I will update my review as time goes on. So far I can tell it is made of great quality and seems to be doing its purpose. It doesn’t seem to have any flaws at this time. I am very happy with this Heat Film and would definitely buy more. By Eddieh5 in Elizabethtown KY

Electric Radiant Floor Heating Reviews for Existing Floors and Subfloors

I got this to put in my bathroom underneath the hardwood floor. It was super fast and easy to install. I really like the fact that I didn’t have to tear up the floor to install it. It’s so quiet that I forget it’s even there. The floor stays nice and warm. So warm that my dogs favorite spot to lay is now on the bathroom floor. By Pun008 in New Providence, PA

I received my QuietWarmth Retrofit Radiant Heat Film about two weeks ago. I read the directions and was surprised as to how easy the installation was. The film rolled out easily as I stapled it into place between the floor joists. Even wiring it to the thermostat was fairly simple if you follow the directions and know a little bit about wiring electrical outlets. It does a good job warming the ceramic floor in my kitchen. I have not had it long enough to determine how it will affect my electric bill. If you are a DIY homeowner and want to add some heat to your floors, I recommend buying this product. By Joseph in Richmond, VA

No more fiddling with wires or incurring prohibitive costs using a professional. This product takes the guesswork out of it all. I now have wonderfully warm floors in my bathroom. Thank you so much!!! By Redwildcat in Portland

I installed this in our bathroom. The instructions are very easy to follow. It works great and is awesome for out cold bathroom floor. We live in an older house and I didn’t wanna do a total remodel and this fit in our budget. By ScottN in McRae, CA

This was the effect solution to my heating problems in the kitchen of the old farmhouse we bought. The kitchen was added on sometime in the early 1900.’s and the floor was always cold by the sink as it was on an outer wall. This was easy to install in the crawlspace and now the floor is nice and toasty! By mikemoe78 in Pennsylvania

Got a piece to out in the foyer, installation was not the easiest but it wasn’t that hard either. I have to say that it works like a charm, downsize is the many pieces needed, but is worth the investment. Highly recommend this to any house owner. By mrodriguez0426 in Allentown, PA

We got this while we were remodeling our house. We had decided to try the heated floor for our older dog. He wont sleep in a dog bed . While we were putting in the floor we installed this on the subflooring and conected ot to a thermostat. A couple days later after we finished the floors we decided to try it out. And it works great on my feet and my dog is loving it he sleeps right in the hall every night. We will be doing the living room with these as soon as we get to that room. By Ashley in Lowell, NC

It works great and worked like a charm in my bathroom. The floors feel so nice and warm all of the time. I was so excited to get these because our floors stay cold all of the time. I was amazed that it worked so well. By Jay25 in Senatobia MS

We are in the process of remodeling our bedroom and bathroom floors. I didn’t have enough to do both rooms so my wife chose the bathroom. It comes in a roll and you can easily cut to fit the desired space. Its very easy to put down we just used a stapler. It will be nice to have some warm floors come next winter. By June67 in Louisiana

This is a great addition to any home! It was pretty easy to install, and as a beginner I really appreciated that fact. It provides a nice gentle heat and really warmed up the floor, I am going to do the rest of the rooms in my house too. By Kps989 in Wisconsin

This is exactly what I needed to turn my recently laid bathroom floor into an outstanding upgrade. The flooring had been installed a few months ago, however only took a few hours to pull up to be able to lay the Quiet Warmth Retrofit Radiant Heat Film underneath it. I acquired a digital thermostat and was able to hide the wiring behind some trim. Now I can have a heated warm floor in my bathroom on this cold wintery nights and anytime I want. It is incredibly relaxing, I think the bathroom is my new favorite room, thanks to this awesome upgrade. This is my first experience using a heated underlayment system, however it will not be my last.. I am, looking to do my other bathroom the same exact way next. Then on to another room. I am a Quiet Warmth customer for life. By Dave302 in Wyoming, Delaware

We use this for our bathroom basement and it was my husband’s 1st time to try and figure out how to install it. It’s not rocket science, he did it himself and he said is no big deal. We laid tiles on the floor and it’s actually so nice to feel the warmth under your feet. By anna.c12

This is an amazing product for use do it yourselfers who dont want to pay an arm and leg to get heated floors in your home. The instrustions are easy to understand. Doesnt take long to install either. By Mademoney in Akron, Ohio

I got this for a small bathroom in the house and look like its going to be pretty easy plus I dont have to replace my whole floor as it can be installed under the existing floor with a crawl space or basement. I have a crawl space so wont be too hard to do though is suggested it be connected by an electrician by kenb72112 in Newport, AR

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