On our faq page, you can find questions about flooring underlayment and floor heating systems. Get helpful information to assist with your purchase decisions and address any concerns you may have.

If you are looking for a test report please send an email to [email protected] and specify the product and type of report you are needing. We would be more than happy to email you a copy of any testing data that we have.

When installing Insulayment with porcelain tile, we recommend using a latex modified portland based thinset that conforms to ANSI A118.4.

Insulayment will provide thermal insulation, making your radiant heating system more effective.

Insulayment is not approved for use with sheet vinyl or linoleum flooring.

Insulayment is approved for flooring applications only. We do not have testing to establish safety or effectiveness in wall applications.

QuietWarmth Tile and Insulayment with tile floor covering are only approved in conditions where the subfloor meets the standards established by the Tile Council of North America. If your subfloor meets these standards, the proper method to install these products would be to spread a layer of thinset over the top of the Insulayment, then lay the QuietWarmth tile mat(s), then install your ceramic tile.

We recommend installing Insulayment with a latex modified thinset. The thinset listed would be one of many options suitable to use.

Insulayment has not been tested with “puzzle” or “gym” type flooring options. We cannot attest to suitability.

SoundStep LV does have an integrated moisture barrier. The Perm rating for SoundStep LV is 0.14Perm. The WVTR (water vapor transmission rate) is 0.18lbs/1000sf/24hrs.

SoundStep LV does have an attached vapor barrier, which will offer water protection for your plywood subfloor.

SoundStep LV can be installed over existing sheet vinyl, provided the flooring manufacturer approves it as a suitable substrate. SoundStep LV is not approved for use with peel and stick tile. Please consider using an alternative flooring product, such as luxury vinyl tile or plank over SoundStep LV.

SoundStep LV is not approved for use with sheet vinyl. Please consider using an alternative flooring product, such as luxury vinyl tiles or planks over SoundStep LV. Telegraphing is a very common problem with sheet vinyl, where the imperfections in the subfloor become visible at the surface.