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Thermostat Power Module to Expand Coverage

  • Universal voltage: suitable for 120V or 240V applications
  • Built-in Class A 5 mA GFCI with GFCI test light
  • Easy connections: fits single-gang (2 in.) box


120 & 240 Volt Compatibility

120 & 240 Volt Compatibility

Built-in self-testing GFCI for safety

Built-in self-testing GFCI for safety

UL Listed For Safety

UL Listed For Safety

The QuietWarmth Power Module serves as an extension point for large open areas. It is not required when installing small areas. You will still need a dedicated 20 amp circuit and a thermostat to control your heat mat.

You can operate multiple QuietWarmth heating mats with one thermostat. For a 120V system you can power up to 150 sf; for 240V system you can power up to 300 sf per thermostat. If your area exceeds that, you can use a Power Module to extend that coverage. A Power Module will require its own dedicated 20 amp circuit.

The QuietWarmth Power Modules are dual voltage and can control 240V or 120V.

All QuietWarmth thermostats have a built-in GFCI, so we do not recommend a GFCI breaker as that can cause nuisance tripping. The system should be installed on a dedicated 20 amp circuit.


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