How To Cut QuietWarmth Tile Mats

QuietWarmth Peel and Stick radiant heat film for traditional tile can be cut to length only. This white membrane adhered to the film heater is the watertight membrane that will protect the mat from moisture. Please understand that right out of the box the mat is NOT watertight. Now, this does not mean the mats can be used in wet areas like shower floors, it just means it is moisture tight from the adhesives or mortar you will be applying for the tile or floor covering needs. Thoughtfully, the mats have been left “unsealed” right from the factory so any needed cutting can be easily implemented before turning it into a moisture-tight membrane.

So, to customize the length of the mat, Cut the mat between the black heating stripes. Do not cut into a black stripe as that will cause damage to the mat and GFCI tripping at the Thermostat. The next step is crucial in cutting the mat. To get a good seal around the cut edge of the mat and to properly create a moisture-tight barrier, Cut back one black heat stripe from both sides of the panel. This will deaden the last stripe so the mat will properly be encased in the membrane. Make sure not to cut into the second black stripe. In the box, the mat comes with these 2 colored insulating disks for any cutting. On each side, Fold the colored insulating disk over the ends of the silver bus bars – covering these ends completely to avoid electrical leakage.

Finally, the last step of cutting the mat is equally important. Seal the edges of the mat so the mat is moisture tight. What happens if you did not need to cut the mat? No problem, this last step will need to be performed as it was left open with the flexibility to cut to length. So, peel back the bottom release liner on the inside of the flap and adhere the heating element by pressing down firmly. Once the heating element is adhered to the bottom of the flap carefully peel back the upper release liner and press down to seal the edges of the membrane. Do this to both sides of the mat. MAKE SURE TO PRESS OUT ANY AIR BUBBLES AS YOU ARE ADHERING THE TOP FLAP TO THE BOTTOM. Once this is complete, install the QuietWarmth peel and stick mat as per the rest of the instructions.

So as a reminder – There are 3 main steps to cutting the QuietWarmth Peel and Stick Radiant Heat Film for Tile mats. Cut between the black stripes Deaden the last black stripe with an insulated cut back bar Encase the white membrane with the removal of the release liners.

  1. Cut between black stripes
  2. Deaden the last black stripe with an insulated cut-back bar
  3. Encase the white membrane with the removal of the release liners

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