How to Install QuietWarmth Peel & Stick Membrane to the Subfloor

How to Install QuietWarmth Peel and Stick Membrane

How to install the peel and stick membrane on the QuietWarmth radiant heat film for tile… This small video is to show how to stick the “peel and stick” membrane to the subfloor, assuming all previous steps to prepare the mat have been followed. There is a link in the description for another video to help you seal and prepare the mat for this part of the installation.

  1. The subfloor must be clean and dry. It is important to have all dust and debris cleaned off the subfloor before adhering the QuietWarmth tile mat.
  2. Dry fit the mats before adhering them to ensure they will fit to a planning diagram that you would have planned out way before this step. This will ensure lead wires will run correctly to the junction box.
  3. Once the mats are in the proper position, roll the end with the connections back far enough to peel back approximately 12” of the release paper to expose a portion of the adhesive surface. Press this exposed section of the mat onto the surface and then roll the other end back to the point where the release paper was removed.
  4. Begin pulling the release liner off and hand smooth the mat into position as it unrolls to achieve a positive bond while avoiding trapping air bubbles.
  5. For adjacent mats, follow the same procedure starting with alignment of the side-by-side mats in a butt joint fashion. Do not overlap any mats.
  6. Once you have the mats in their permanent place, a licensed electrician can help you make the final power connections.

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