Laminate Flooring With Attached Underlayment: Pros and Cons

Attached Underlayment Pros and Cons

Pre-Attached Underlayment


  • Save money from not purchasing separate underlayment
  • Save time from rolling out underlayment during installation
  • Convenient and affordable for budget friendly homeowners


  • Absorbs minimum sound from foot
  • Repurposed thin foam on bottom wont hold up in high traffic areas
  • Click & Lock System is vulnerable to moisture seeping through crack – See Screenshot Below

Pre-Attached Underlayment - Weak Spot For Moisture

Separate Underlayment


  • Absorbs sound better than pre-attached underlayment
  • Compression Resistance is better for high traffic areas
  • Whole floor is protected from moisture


  • More money to purchase underlayment
  • More time to figure out what underlayment to choose for your flooring (Save time by using our product selector here)

If you choose to use a separate underlayment with pre-attached underlayment, you can do the following:

  • Install separate underlayment underneath pre-attached underlayment
  • Take off the pre-attached underlayment and install separate underneath floor

Disclaimer: Doing either one of the mentioned above methods, you will probably break the warranty of the flooring. Please refer back to your flooring manufacturer before proceeding. However, MP Global hasn’t heard of any claims regarding the flooring getting damaged when using a separate underlayment with pre-attached.

In the end, it’s your decision if moisture protection and getting higher sound absorption is your goal. If not, then pre-attached underlayment will do it’s job but at the minimum.

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