QuietWalk – Frequently Asked Questions

QuietWalk Frequently Asked Questions

QuietWalk underlayment can be used under engineered click hardwood flooring. An engineered wood floor is constructed of layers of both hardwood and plywood, where solid hardwood is a solid piece of wood with no layers. Usually installed as floating floor installation type.

Can QuietWalk underlayment be installed under carpet?

QuietWalk underlayment is designed for floating floors meaning laminate and engineered hardwood. We do have a product QuietWalk Carpet Pad that has the same benefits and is made for carpet installations. You can find that product here: https://mpglobalproducts.com/carpet-pad/products/quietwalk-carpet/

Can QuietWalk underlayment be installed with luxury vinyl plank?

QuietWalk underlayment can not be used with Luxury Vinyl Underlayment. For vinyl plank flooring, we have a product QuietWalk Luxury Vinyl, which has been specifically created for luxury vinyl plank floors. QuietWalk Luxury Vinyl can be found here: https://mpglobalproducts.com/flooring-underlayment/products/quietwalk-luxury-vinyl/

Do I need an extra vapor barrier when installing this on a concrete sub-floor?

We recommend to complete a calcium chloride test to find out the how much moisture your concrete floor is emitting. If the moisture results are equal to or less than 5 lbs / 1000 sq ft, then additional vapor barrier is not needed. However, installing an additional 6-mil vapor barrier provides complete protection from moisture and gives you ease of mind for your new flooring.

Can this be used with a radiant heat floor?

Yes, QuietWalk actually benefits a heated floor system. QuietWalk has an R-Value you 0.58 creating a thermal break between your sub-floor and flooring. This prevents heat from sinking into your sub-floor, sending more heat to your floors.

How often do I need to replace QuietWalk?

The only time you will need to replace QuietWalk is when laying down a new floor.

Have any air emission test been done?

Yes, we have done and passed indoor air quality tests and are third party certified through UL GREENGUARD Gold. You find the certification here: https://mpglobalproducts.com/_storage/_products/quietwalk/QuietWalkGreenGuardGoldCertification.pdf

Can I use this with a laminate floor that has built in underlayment?

You can use this underlayment for laminate plank with built-in underlayment. QuietWalk’s compression resistance exceeds the requirement for pre-attached flooring that is greater than 29 psi @50% per ASTM D1667. The high compression resistance assures that the underlayment will not contribute to floor decoupling.

Does this have a built-in adhesive strip?

It does have a built in adhesive strip. No need to purchase additional tape.

Does this make the floor feel squishy or bouncy?

No, this product does not make your floor feel squishy or bouncy. It actually makes it feel and sound like a real wood floor.It actually makes it feel and sound more like a real wood floor.

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