Sound Control: ​don't ignore the Elephant in the room!

QuietWalk LV premium acoustic underlayment relies on a blend of recycled fibers that naturally absorbs and diminishes the transmission of unwanted sound. ​

QuietWalk’s LV underlayment boasts some of the highest sound ratings in the industry!

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What is a Delta IIC Sound rating?

This is the purest form of impact sound rating in the industry.  It directly measures impact sound of flooring materials with underlayment over a  6” concrete slab, compared to just the impact sound of the slab alone.  The different between the two results is the delta rating.  This is important because it measures the value the underlayment brings to the flooring.  Higher the number the better sound control the underlayment provides.

QuietWalk LV has an industry leading Delta IIC of 28!


• Apartments • Condominiums • College dormitories • Military housing • Schools • Hospitals

• Multi-story and single family homes

• Any area where reduction of impact noise is desired.

Lifetime Durability & Comfort

​Compression Resistant

  • The dense (rolls out flat) recycled fiber composition will not crush or compress overtime
  • Properly supports the click and lock mechanism, increasing floor's longevity
  • ​Floors will feel solid underfloot more like hardwoods
  • ​Absorbs ​subfloor imperfections while improving the aesthetics and performance of the floor.

​Thermal Insulation

Provides additional comfort to the entire home during seasonal temperature changes  R-Value 0.34

Suitable for Floor Heating Systems

​Upsell Opportunit​y - Increase bottom line

Customers often focus on the finished look and style of the flooring materials.  It ​is good practice to help them think about performance factors and living quality on top of the floor as well.  

Here is a quick list of ​performance talking points that may help increase customer awareness to adding ​​QuietWalk LV:

  • ​Reduces​ ​noise, making the floor more solid underfoot 
  • ​Helps stabilize the floor, evens out subfloor imperfections that could telescope upward to the flooring materials.
  • ​Helps the flooring last longer with uncrushing support due to normal traffic over the floor
  • ​​Manages long term presence of moisture found in concrete, will protect from the bottom side up.
  • ​Keeps floors from drastic swings in temperature in seasonal climate change conditions, adds energy efficiency to the home
  • ​Eco friendly and clean indoor air quality .  

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