Underlayment: A Worthwhile Win-Win Upsell for Customers and the  Bottom Line.

  • Underlayment is one of the few categories in a flooring store that, as a component of the overall installation, can be easily upgraded and improve the sale. For a relatively small amount of money compared to the cost of the finished floor, the customer gets a great deal of advantages which will endure over the life of the installation.
    For example, a quality acoustic underlayment like QuietWalk Plus that features good, uniform density and more support than entry level foam improves the performance of the new floor long-term in terms of wearability, and adds intrinsic comfort underfoot.

Extra Talking Points

Other talking points can be specific to the type of floor in which the customer is interested. For example, on the one hand, underlayment selected for use under floating floor installations should be both firm enough to support the overlaying floor's tongue and groove locking mechanism helping eliminate any rocking planks. A good upsell like QuietWalk Plus can help decrease the amount of noise and impact sounds from footfalls, helping the floor to feel and act more solid underfoot.  There is lots of scientific data and official lab reports available to support how well QuietWalk Plus controls sound and noise.

Protection again moisture is one of the biggest factors on upgrading underlayments, especially over concrete.  Many entry level products only protect again 3lbs of moisture emissions per 1000 sqft per 24hrs.  QuietWalk Plus protects up to 7lbs per 1000 sqft per 24 hrs!  The power is in the blend of fibers that allow the subfloor, especially concrete to breathe.  This allows for  Moisture protection

Then there is the growing fount of eco-minded customers. Green building products have become a major focus for many buyers. For customers shopping for environmentally friendly flooring, introducing eco-friendly underlayment options like QuietWalk Plus made from recycled materials can spur interest in an upsell.

Along the same lines, families with young children are, increasingly, concerned with indoor air quality. For those customers, bringing into the mix a third-party certified VOC-free underlayment can, likewise, lead to an upsell.  QuietWalk Plus is GREENGUARD GOLD certified for low emissions.

All in all, there are plenty of features to talk about when upselling underlayment. Learn your underlayments and share the knowledge to your installers especially, it will be one less thing they will have to provide to the job site. Listen to your customers’ interests and concerns and focus on premium options that best fulfill their wish list.

Solve 3 Common Floor Problems With One Underlayment

Installation call backs are time consuming and unprofitable. Understanding these 3 common flooring problems by using one underlayment can help to eliminate the number of call backs drastically. 

  • Proper support mechanism for click together flooring and for existing pre-attached pad flooring.
  • Dense recycled fiber underlayment controls unwanted noise.
  • Protects floors from moisture and allows concrete below to breathe.

QuietWalk Plus Underlayment with
Excellent Sound Control and Superior Moisture Protection 

Protection from Leaks

Spills, leaky plumbing, faulty icemakers can cause floor damage. TrafficMaster's fibers can absorb up to 5 times it's own weight, drawing harmful moisture in while protecting the overlying floor.

Moisture Protection over concrete

  • Water vapor is present in concrete
  • If vapors are blocked or trapped, vapors become harmful water.
  • Concrete needs to breathe, never allows vapors to become bulk moisture
  • The attached vapor barrier protects the overlying flooring from harmful moisture.
  • Fibers are treated with a safe anti-microbial to inhibit mold and mildew.

Product Overview

​Advancing the fiber blend technology of the original, QuietWalk Plus+ features more versatile installation applications with the special attached vapor barrier allowing glue or nail down applications. Boasting the same performance characteristics, reducing unwanted traveling noise and superior moisture protection and proper compression to support tongue and groove, QuietWalk Plus+ is the universal underlayment covering all installation applications. This underlayment can be installed over wood or concrete subfloors.

QuietWalk Plus Underlayment
Customer Reviews

TamiAmi - Nov 15, 2018

Great great product. Fast Delivery. Good Service.

AZWILDCHILD - Oct 26, 2018

2 days before my flooring was to be installed, my installer brought up the idea to use this product. I was hesitant, mainly do to the price but I forged ahead. I was worried that I'd either regret it immediately, or a few years later. Glad I did it. The laminate does not have the typical hallow sound. More hardly, "thud" like. I recommend..

Azimon - Sept 23, 2018

Seemed to work the best for all the options we tried. We used for CoreTec flooring in two bonus rooms above garages. Wood floor and joists. This was on a duplex, with the units separated by garages. Our concern was footfall noises traveling through to the units or garages, and this seemed to greatly reduce noises.