QuietWalk Underlayments Overview

QuietWalk Underlayment Overview

QuietWalk branded flooring underlayments are the #1 trusted underlayments on the market that are sustainably constructed from repurposed and recycled fiber materials that would have otherwise been dumped into our landfills, AND they were developed right here in the USA! This innovative design of QuietWalk underlayments not only help reduce the impact on our environment, but it gives your new hard surface floors a premium underlayment without the premium price unlike other cork, foam, and other petroleum-based materials.

QuietWalk protects against harmful water, helps to reduce unwanted noise, improves lifetime durability, and promotes healthy comfort to your home. QuietWalk’s power is in the fibers, and Here’s how…

QuietWalk can be installed over wood or concrete subfloors. But its exclusive Dri-Wick Technology is what sets it apart from all others for water protection, especially over concrete floors. Concrete constantly emits invisible vapors, and those vapors become visible when you block and trap them. These droplets of water that form from blocking and trapping vapors can become harmful to your floors over time and can compromise the healthy air quality of your home through potential mold growth. QuietWalk’s Dri-wick technology never allows vapors to become trapped – forcing the concrete to breathe. The active anti-microbial treated fibers are unrolled over the top of the subfloor while the attached vapor barrier lies beneath the underside of the floor protecting it from harmful moisture and water vapor. QuietWalk underlayments have a built-in lip and tape system to achieve full water protection coverage, this will save you time and money from having to buy seam tape materials for the installation.

Dri-Wick Technology Infographic
Dri-Wick Technology Explained

True to its namesake, QuietWalk inherently reduces unwanted noise in your home and can help make floating floors sound and feel more like solid floors underfoot. The dense fiber structure absorbs and controls sound and helps to keep it from transmitting to other rooms. This is why QuietWalk products are specified and used often in condos and multi-family living spaces and are HOA recommended! Look at our official sound scores and you will quickly see how they lead the industry against Noise and FOR Quiet!

Sound Dampening
Sound Reduction Explained

QuietWalk’s dense fiber construction gives your floors, and their joints, the strength they need to stand up to everyday life. The fiber structure helps smooth out subfloor imperfections and will not crush over time under your busy hustle and bustle, always giving your floors the right support, they need to live long and look beautiful. QuietWalk does the behind-the-scenes work so your Floor can take the credit.

QuietWalk acts like a thermal blanket for the underside of the floor which adds energy efficiency to your home. It helps insulate your home, working to keep the elements out and everyone inside comfortable and happy. QuietWalk products also exceed stringent indoor air quality standards – there are no detected VOC’s or chemical off-gassing to create an unhealthy environment in your home – this is recognized by our GREENGUARD GOLD certification which is proudly displayed on each QuietWalk label.

So go ahead and get busy living on your beautiful new floors, with the #1 trusted underlayment underneath them QuietWalk completely protects your floors to live long and look beautiful!

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