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What is a good temp setting for radiant heat floor?

We find that 73 degrees is the right temperature to set your thermostat for floor heating. When your floor heats up, the warmth will transfer through your body compared to force air units. The temperature also depends on how you like your comfort.

Can the flooring get too hot?

With the QuietWarmth floor heating systems, the mats can not go past 85 degrees. This will not burn or heat up the flooring.

Can QuietWarmth be used in a bathroom?

Absolutely. QuietWarmth is the ideal place to install as it will make morning more tolerable with warm feet. The mats are however not regulated to be installed under running water such as shower pans, etc.

Can I connect multiple QuietWarmth units to 1 thermostat?

One thermostat can handle up to 150 Sq. Ft. at 120V and 300 Sq. Ft. at 240V. If you have more Sq. Ft., then a power module is needed to extend the power to the same additional square footage.

How much do heated floors cost?

QuietWarmth uses 12 watts per square foot, so 30 sq ft would be 360 watts per hour. Utilities bill in kilo-watt hours, so you would divide your kwh charge by 2.77 and multiply it by the number of hours you would run it each day. So if your electric company charges you $0.20 kwh and you run 8 hours a day it is: 0.20 / 2.77 = $0.07 per hour times * 8 hours = $0.56 per day.

Can these mats be used to heat a room?

Yes, it can in some situations. A Manual J heat loss calculation is required. Consult your HVAC technician for more accurate calculations.

Is there any vibrations noise when the film operates due to 60Hz alternating current.

QuietWarmth will not vibrate during operation.

Can I connect multiple units to 1 thermostat?

One thermostat can handle up to 150 sq ft at 120V and 300 sq ft at 240V. If you have more sq ft, then a power module is needed to extend the power to the same additional square footage.

What underlayment do you recommend using with QuietWarmth product?

You can use any underlayment however we recommend our Quietwalk underlayment. The reason being it has better R-Value which will help heat rise and the height of the underlayment is the same as the cables of QuietWarmth. When it comes to installation, you can create a channel or trench in the underlayment and not the wood/concrete subfloor. Makes it a much easier installation.

How long are the pre-attached wires? And how can you extend them?

Yes. Comes standard with 15-foot lead wires but can be lengthened if needed. You can view the instructions by clicking here or to download PDF here

Can QuietWarmth be used in a travel trailer?

Yes, it can be as long as directions are followed and the flooring manufacturer’s recommendations on subfloor preparations are followed. We have heard stories it works great and actually heats the camper when temps drop down to 35-40 deg F.

Can this be used in a basement that sometimes get water?

We recommend to install a vapor barrier above the concrete subfloor to eliminate any moisture issues. We are also not approved to be installed under running water such as shower pans or faucets.

Can I cut it and turn direction on it. Such as a L-shape with one mat?

You can only cut the mats in length. You can’t cut one side of the mat and make it L-shape. You would be breaking the circuit at that point.

Looking to replace an electric baseboard by a bathroom. Can the existing power and thermostat lines be used?

Our system requires the following (In-Line thermostat, thermostat or circuit breaker with built-in GFCI, Dedicated 20 amp circuit). Confirming your existing power and thermostat includes these requirements, you should be good to go. If you want to read more about the installation, you can view the guide here: https://mpglobalproducts.com/_storage/_products/floating-floors/Qwarmth-Float.pdf

How many amps does one pad generate?

3×10 120V mat produces 2.73 amps. You can find the amps and watts diagram by visiting the QuietWarmth product pages here: https://mpglobalproducts.com/heated-flooring-systems/products/

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