QuietWarmth Launches New 7-Day WIFI Programmable Thermostat with Alexa and Echo Compatibility


More and more homeowners are beginning to control their homes with a smart assistant. Smart assistants can help you control the lighting, home security, TV’s, and more. This is why QuietWarmth has Launched their New 7-day WIFI Programmable Thermostat with Alexa and Echo Compatibility.

Smart Interaction

The QuietWarmth 7-Day WIFI Programmable Thermostat with Alexa and Echo Compatibility is a thermostat designed to be used with any of the QuietWarmth heating mats. This includes the 120V and 240V versions. What sets this thermostat apart from the other QuietWarmth thermostats is the ability to control your floor heating system through either Amazon’s Alexa or Google’s Google Home. The new thermostat also features remote WLAN connectivity. This gives homeowners a convenient way to adjust and monitor their home heating system. Controlling through smart assistants plus having remote accessibility creates a very favorable experience when controlling your system.

Powerful Power Logging

You can see your floor heating system’s power consumption with a few touches on display or log into your account from an app. Don’t worry about what app store you are using because the app is compatible with Apple and Android. You can see your energy use daily, weekly, or monthly. Power consumption is automatically saved to your user account as well, ensuring you always have the information available.


The display is a 4″ colored touch-responsive touch screen display. The user interface was designed to be simple to navigate with touch screen controls. The temperature can be displayed in either Celsius or Fahrenheit for ease of use. Users do not have to worry about power outages as the thermostat has been fitted with a 5-year battery back-up of clock and calendar. This battery also enables the thermostat to remember its current settings after power outages as well.


We do not take our customers safety lightly. This is why we equipped the thermostat with a built-in ground fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) that will cut power in the event of a power surge, helping protect you, your floors, and your radiant heat system. It is also ETL listed for the USA and Canada. A 10′ floor sensor is included with the thermostat so you can accurately measure the temperature of your heated floor. It also has a built-in ambient air sensor allowing easy monitoring of the room temperature.

2-in-1 bundle

Of course, a thermostat is not useful without mats, which is why we made our new QuietWarmth 2-in-1 bundle. This bundle not only includes the new thermostat but also comes with our new 2-in-1 QuietWarmth mat. The mat is 3 feet wide by 16 feet 8 inches long and can be cut in the middle to separately use both ends of the mat. This ultimately gives you two custom mat lengths, minimizing waste and saving money invested. If you want to learn more about the 2-in-1 QuietWarmth mat there is a page with everything you’ll need to know here.

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