Red Rosin Paper – Used for Flooring, Roofing and Surface Protection

Red Rosin Paper Surface Protection

Red Rosin Beneifts

  • Economical protective covering over new floors, prior to completion
  • Saves time
  • Compatible with coal tar and asphalt-based roofing systems
  • Specially designed to resist bleeding
  • Good general purpose jobsite protective utility paper
  • Protection from paint overspray
  • Used for Plastering Projects and Landscaping

Red Rosin Paper Uses

Red Rosin Paper is useful in many construciton applications, such as roofing, flooring, jobsite protective covering and landscaping.

Roofing Industry

Roofing industry uses red rosin paper for the first layer of protection. Keeping your roofing dry is key.

Flooring Industry

Building Construction typically use red rosin paper to help reduce air and moisture flow through a wall or floor. This creates a “slip sheet” so different materials can slip by each other as they expand and contract. Keeping dust from dust from working down the floor and minimizing squeaking.

Jobsite Protective Covering

Red Rosin paper can also be used to temporarily protect a work site during construction. The paper roll help help existing floors from scratches, paint spills, etc. Red rosin is known for improving moisture resistance and tearing.

Landscaping – Weed Control

Landscapers use red rosin paper to prevent weeds from germinating. Mulch is usually applied above the paper.

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