Park Pad Fiber Absorbent Pad for Garage Floors

  • Protects garage floors from elements tracked in from car tires
  • Easily cut to fit your needs and area
  • Blocks oil and moisture from seeping through, protecting surface
3' x 16.66' x 2 mm - 50 sqftPARKPAD


Surface Protection

Surface Protection

Made From Recycled Materials

Made From Recycled Materials

Easy Install

Easy Install

Waterproof Backing Protection

Waterproof Backing Protection

Cut To Size

Cut To Size


Customer Asked Questions

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If you are looking for a test report please send an email to [email protected] and specify the product and type of report you are needing. We would be more than happy to email you a copy of any testing data that we have.

To clean ParkPad, we recommend you wash off dirt and grime with a mild dish detergent and water. We do not recommend you attempt to wash large amounts of motor oil out of your ParkPad, as motor oil is an environmental hazard. Please replace ParkPad if it becomes saturated with any type of chemical that can contaminate the soil or ground water.

Yes, our ParkPad product is wrapped in plastic for shipping.

The ParkPad backing will not “melt” in the heat of your garage. It does not stick to surfaces, even when warm. However, please ensure your paint is fully cured prior to placing ParkPad over it.


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by GBRedondo - Home Depot Review

Keeps The Garage Floor Clean

I purchased four pads and used two for each vehicle. They fit without trimming. Rather than putting the shinny side down, I flipped the pad over so that the carpet material is facing down. I did this for two reasons. First, there is less slipping of the pad as I drive in and out. Second is that with the shinny side up, the pad is water proof and I can easily take a mop and clean the surface of the pad within minutes.
by Donn - Home Depot Review

Very absorbent

This stuff works pretty good. I have never used this type of material for garage drips or spills. I thought I would give it a try because it’s made out of recycled carpet fibers and is much thicker than the pads that I have been using. I’m also able to cut it to size which I think saves a little cash. I work on various items that like to leave spills on the garage floor. I like a clean workspace and this helps a lot. There’s a plastic membrane on the reverse side to stop any fluids from leaching through the material. It is absorbent enough for everything I’ve done with is so far. I have used it during oil changes to stop drips from hitting the floor. I have used the same piece for quite a few oil changes so far and it works fine. I’m using it for a boot mat near my entry door to rest my muddy grimy boots. When the mud dries, I scrape the dirt of and continue to use it. I did a brake job recently and used it to keep the floor clean from a few brake fluid drips. I can see many uses for it and am glad I have it nearby. The price point is less than what I was paying for the absorbent floor pads and I can make it last longer. My only issue is because I reuse it for some tasks, the plastic membrane on the reverse side is glued but not very well. My used piece will be in useable condition but I have to put a couple dabs of hot glue on to keep the membrane in place. Overall, very happy with the way it works.

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Enhanced Content

Protects Your Garage Floor
From snow to oil, ParkPad blocks harmful moisture from penetrating and staining your garage floor. Its fiber pad quickly draws in misture while its poly film barrier effectively blocks it from reaching your floor. This action allows the moisture to gradually dissipate over time, without leaving behind any permanent damage or unsightly marks.
Prevent Mess From Coming In
By quickly trapping moisture and mess, ParkPad reduces slip hazards and stops the debris from outside being tracked into your home.
Split Or Combine With Easy Install
ParkPad is easily installed and can be customized to fit your specific needs by simply cutting it with a pair of scissors. Choose to split one mat to cover each tire tread area or combine two mats for full coverage!