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Is a separate moisture barrier required?
Floor Underlayment

This a good question as many underlayment come with built in vapor barrier and some don’t. Depends on your subfloor type also. Why do you need a moisture barrier in the first place? A moisture barrier blocks moisture from reaching your floor. Blocking moisture eliminates havoc (warping, etc) to your floor. How does moisture get […]

Should You Test Your Concrete Subfloor for Moisture?
Floor Underlayment

(Intro) As you can see, we have marked off an area that is approximately 20in by 20in. And the idea here is to have a good clean and smooth surface inside this perimeter. So we need to brush it off, sweep it off, maybe even have to rub a little sand paper on there, something […]

What Is Our Flooring Underlayment Thickness?
Floor Underlayment

We came up with this chart to help you see what our underlayment thicknesses are for our flooring underlayment. QuietWalk 1/8″ or 3mm QuietWalk Plus 1/8″ or 3mm Insulayment 7/64″ or 2.77mm VentiLayer 13/64″ or 5.5mm SoundBuffer 3/64″ or 1.19mm SoundStepXL 5/64″ or 2mm DouFoam 5/64″ or 2mm MoistureBlock .006 mm AbsorbaSound 5/64″ – 15/32″ […]