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QuietWalk Plus Installation Instructions
Floor Underlayment

QuietWalk Plus Underlayment is designed for use with most nail, glue down and floating floor products and is flexible, easy to install and features a 1.8 mil moisture resistant top film layer. This sound reduction underlay system is suitable for use over most types of industry approved sub floors (3/4” plywood, concrete, OSB flooring, etc.). […]

Does the Quiet Walk underlayment plastic/vapor barrier face up or down when installing?
Floor Underlayment

The plastic side faces up and the fiber faces down. Two benefits are provided: Moisture Protection The fibers can actually allow the vapors to evaporate through the gutter system of the underlayment. The fibers are treated with a safe anti-microbial to inhibit mold and mildew. Protection from Leaks Spills, leaky plumbing, faulty ice-makers can cause […]

What is the difference between QuietWalk and QuietWalk Plus?
Floor Underlayment

With the new addition of QuietWalk Plus, our customers are wondering what the difference between QuietWalk and QuietWalk Plus. The main benefits for QuietWalk Plus is: Enhanced film – The film allows the glue to adhere to the floor and subfloor. It is malleable to allow nail down flooring. More Dense Pad – The pad […]