Underlayment Cushions Floor And Absorbs Impact Sound

MP Global Products’ Insulayment is an underlayment engineered specifically for installation under glue-down or nail-down hardwood and engineered wood floors.

Hardwoods are more than holding their own in today’s flooring market, with homeowners selecting the classic flooring choice for kitchens and bedrooms, as well as living rooms and dining rooms. Whatever the finish-and with today’s hardwoods that can be gray, white, or distressed vintage as well as traditional-every new hardwood floor benefits from the smart start that MP Global Products’ high-performing Insulayment offer.

Engineered specifically for installation under glue-down or nail-down hardwood and engineered wood floors, the roll-out fiber underlayment is designed to dampen impact noise and decrease airborne sounds from traveling to the room below.

Insulayment is a very appealing choice for installations where concern for the environment is a consideration. The underlayment, which is made in America (eliminating overseas shipping costs and minimizing transportation costs), is certified made from 100 percent pre-consumer recycled textile content (textile waste that might otherwise end up in landfill).

Insulayment features an innovative construction whereby randomly air-laid filaments create a capillary effect to cushion the floor and absorb impact sound. The 1/8-inch thickness helps smooth out little subfloor imperfections.

Using Insulayment with wood floors also helps improve walking comfort by dispersing the impact energy of each footfall to lessen the strain on knee and hip joints. In addition, the insulating value of Insulayment helps keep floors warm in the winter and cool in the summer, minimizing energy demands.

Insulayment is available in 360-square-foot and 100-square-foot rolls.

Original Article: RetroFit Magazine – June 15, 2015

Last modified on: Wednesday, Apr 18, 2018

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