AbsorbaSound® Acoustical Rubber Underlayment for Hard Surface Floors

  • 100% recycled rubber underlayment absorbs unwanted noise
  • Does not compress and holds its acoustical value over time
  • Easy install - resistant to tearing or moving during installation
MSRP: $0.69 per sqft - 2mm
200 Sq Ft4'x50'MCR108S-2MM 100 Sq Ft4'x25'MCR108S-5MM


Superior Sound Reduction

Superior Sound Reduction

Provides outstanding acoustical performance.

Compression Resistant

Compression Resistant

Superior compression characteristics to adequately support click-together mechanisms, tongue and groove, and anti-fracture characteristics under tile applications.

Made from 100% Recycled Rubber Materials

Made from 100% Recycled Rubber Materials

Customer Questions

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Thank you for reaching out. Yes this product can replace the cement board.

Thank you for reaching out. It absolutely will help. It is a sound barrier so it will deaden noise both top side down and bottom side up.

Thank you for reaching out. That is not an intended use and we have no testing to determine if it would work in that application.

Thank you for reaching out. You will need to check with Schluter and get their approval. If they approve it, then you are good to go.

Thank you for reaching out. This roll will weigh approximately 80lbs

Thank you for reaching out. We have no testing data for this application and it would not be warranted.


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by Walid - Home Depot Review

The best product I could find in the market to...

The best product I could find in the market to build my home gym. Very convenient, sturdy, and economical
by Charles - Home Depot Review

Heavy duty sound reduction. Lies flat. Hard to cut w...

Heavy duty sound reduction. Lies flat. Hard to cut w a knife so suggest scissors or shears
by mrh57 - Home Depot Review

Worth Every Penny!

Works great to decrease the sound of foot steps in rooms below a second floor ceramic tiled surface. It cuts easily with a utility scissors but is near impossible to cut with a utility razor blade.

Sound Rating Test


Impact Insulation Class (IIC)Sound transmission through the floor.


Sound Transmission Class (STC)Airborne sound transmission through a partition.


Delta IIC (IIC)Sound transmission difference between a concrete subfloor with and without flooring.

* The higher the number, the better the noise control!

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Enhanced Content

Noise Cancelling
AbsorbaSound neutralizes sound between flooring levels to keep out unwanted noise.
  • IIC 64
  • STC 63
  • Delta IIC 25
* The higher the number, the higher the noise control
ECO Friendly
AbsorbaSound not only provides performance and comfort, but is also made from 96% recycled rubber to protect the environment, reduce waste while making LEED contributions!
Compatible Flooring
  • Hardwoods
  • Laminate
  • Vinyl Planks 4mm+
  • Traditional Tile
Installation Methods
  • Floating
  • Glue Down
  • Nail Down
  • Thinset