What is Radiant Heat?

What is Radiant Heat?

Radiant heat is one of the oldest forms of heating that has ever existed. While it is an old form of heating, it has been completely revamped and is now known as one of the best ways to heat your home. Radiant heat is a type of underfloor heating that uses electromagnetic infrared waves to help heat you up. Today, some of the most luxurious homes around the world are using radiant heat.

How Does Radiant Heat Work?

The science behind radiant heat is fascinating. Radiant heat allows people to warm up by absorbing the electromagnetic waves that are given off. When people or other objects in a room absorb these waves they convert it to heat. Absorbing the waves allows you to immediately warm up. When the objects and people in the room warm up they are able to transfer their heat to the rest of the room.

Unlike other forms of heating in a home, radiant heat is ideal because it warms up the objects in a room, rather than warming up the air. This allows you to be more efficient with the way you heat your home.

If you install radiant heat in your home, it will likely take the form of underfloor heat. The installation process is simple and will allow you to receive the many benefits that it has to offer.

Advantages of Having Radiant Heat in Your Home

There are many advantages of having radiant heat in your home. People all over the world are looking to use radiant heat because of these amazing benefits.

More Efficient

One of the main advantages of having radiant heat in your home is that it is much more efficient than other forms of heat. When you have a traditional duct system in your home you often lose a great deal of heat to the crevices within the ducts. Radiant heat is also much more efficient than baseboard heating and can lower your energy costs.

Radiant heating is one of the most efficient types of heating because it also is able to heat a room evenly. When people rely on other forms of heating they often have hot and cold spots in their house, causing them to run their system more than necessary. Radiant heating can be ran less because it heats the entire room the same. You will not need to worry about one part of the room being colder or warmer than the rest.

Saves You Money

Another great advantage of using radiant heat in your home is that you are able to save a great deal of money. Since radiant heat is more efficient than other types of heat you can save yourself money on your monthly energy bills.

Improves the Quality of Air

Everyone wants to have a clean indoor air. Radiant heat in your home improves the overall air quality. When duct systems turn on the force air through the ducts and into the home. This increases the number of allergens in the home and can be terrible for people or families with allergies. If you want the best possible air for you and your family, it’s worth considering radiant heating. It reduces the blowing around of dust and allergens leaving you breathing in fresher and cleaner air.

Quiet System

Radiant heat is one of the quietest heating systems available. This form of heating is silent and allows you to have peace and quiet during all parts of the day and night. Other forms of heating leave you hearing the air blowing through the vents and the noisy machinery turning on and off.

No Maintenance

Another great benefit of using radiant heat in your home is that you do not need to perform regular maintenance on the heating system. In fact, an underfloor heating system, like this radiant heat, requires no maintenance. This can also save you time and money in the long run.

Installing Radiant Heat

If you are looking to install radiant heat to heat your entire home, you will likely need help from a professional. Radiant heat is one of the ideal types of heat for any house and because of this many new homes are installing this form of underfloor heat in the homes.

While this type of heating system is easy to install in new homes, it can be installed in existing homes. To determine if underfloor heat is capable of heating your entire home you should highly request an appointment with a professional to help you determine if your home is insulated well enough. However, if you are installing radiant heat for improved comfort and extra heat in your home, you will not need a professionals advice.

To install this type of heat in your home you will likely need to remove your existing floors, however, this is not always essential. There are products out there like QuietWarmth Retrofit which can be installed without removing your existing floors. If you are already looking to change your floors, it may be a great opportunity to add the extra comfort to your home. If your home is air tight and insulated properly, underfloor heat is an even better option for you and your family.

There are different ways that you can install this type of heat in your home. You can install QuietWarmth mats under floating floors, or even install QuietWarmth Peel & Stick under tile floors. These electric mats sit underneath your flooring heating it up. The flooring then transfers the heat to the objects and people within the room. These mats work well with many types of flooring, and make a great choice when improving the comfort of your home.

The benefits of Radiant Heat Are Clear

There are many benefits of using radiant heat in your home. If you are looking to increase your energy efficiency, reduce heating costs, improve air quality, and never have your feet cold again, this type of flooring may be the best option for you and your family. Installing this new system of heat in your home may take some time, but the benefits of this heating system far outweigh the cons. The ability to heat your home without worrying about maintenance costs is a huge benefit that all people should consider.

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