What is the difference between underlayments made in USA vs Import?


As a manufacturer of flooring underlayment for the last 20 years, we have seen a lot of companies and underlayments come and go. More and more underlayments have been showing up within the last 10 years due to Alibaba making it affordable for sellers with little capital to import from China. Most imported underlayments don’t have the same benefits of USA made. Such as sound absorption, clean indoor air quality or even the endurance of product. So we want to inform our customers what they are receiving or how to spot an imported underlayment.

VOC’s – Off Gassing

With overseas manufacturing, materials aren’t sometimes standardized. Some chemicals are used in the process which can produce an awful order. We at MP Global Products want to make sure our customers know we have zero VOC’s in our underlayment. This meaning that your family will breathe clean air and our underlayment have no awful smelly gas being emitted from our underlayment.

Sound Rating Test

All bigger underlayment manufacturer will submit sound rating test to sound labs. These cost thousands of dollars to submit. Not only this proves that their underlayment has been tested but homeowners know what to expect with that underlayment regarding sound absorption.

Industry Experience

Our QuietWalk underlayment has been around for over 20 years. So when it comes to your flooing underlayment becoming faulty, then we will still be around. If an imported product fails, what kind of customer service are you gonna receive?


Most materials or production material can be inconsistent in the underlayment. The material used can be flimsy or “patched” in certain places. This is due to manufacturer trying to save cost as margins are little in the first place.

At MP Global, we want consumers to know that their is a difference in underlayments. Our QuietWalk underlayment has been an industry standard for flooring installers and dealers for over 20 years and over 40 sq miles of QuietWalk has been installed in United States alone.

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