What kind of underlayment for vinyl plank flooring?


The answer to what kind of underlayment for vinyl plank flooring really depends on what benefit you want to achieve for your space. Do you want good sound absorption, moisture protection and a great insulation value to keep your feet warm? In this article, we will discuss why QuietWalk Luxury Vinyl underlayment offers all three and is our top choice for underlayment for vinyl plank flooring.

What are your goals for underlayment for vinyl plank flooring?

Sound Absorption

Having an underlayment that is built/designed to absorb the sound is critical for home-owners and condo associations since they don’t want to disturb their neighbors. The fibers in the QuietWalk luxury vinyl underlayment is bonded together (patented process) in a way to help absorb the sound waves from traveling through. With a Delta IIC score of 28, we are the only underlayment manufacturer to achieve that score. If you want to know what Delta IIC represents, you can view this article here.

Moisture Protection

Installing luxury vinyl plank directly on concrete can cause detrimental effects on your new investment. The reason why is concrete can emit moisture in lbs. over a certain amount of time or help push the chemicals through and attack your new flooring. There is chemicals present (added during the hardening of the concrete) no matter how many years have passed. Most flooring manufacturers in the installation instructions stat to install a 6-mil vapor barrier underneath your new flooring. This is the bare minimum to install, which our MoistureBlock is the 6-mil vapor barrier they are talking about.

6 Mil Vapor Barrier

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The QuietWalk luxury vinyl underlayment has a built in vapor barrier that blocks the moisture and chemicals from attacking your floor. The other benefit is our recycled fibers has the built in exclusive dri-wick technology. This feature absorbs the moisture and allows it to evaporate on the sides. This insures the moisture doesn’t get blocked underneath and allows the floor to breathe.

QuietWalk fibers and dri-wick technology

Insulation Value

Another benefit of our underlayment is the fibers provide R-Value of 0.34 which is above average for underlayments. This will limit the coldness from concrete and make you more comfortable underfoot.

Our Conclusion:

QuietWalk Luxury Vinyl Underlayment – Designed and Built for Luxury Vinyl Plank Flooring

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If you want the extra benefits such as noise reduction/sound absorption, moisture protection and insulating value for your floor, we recommend the QuietWalk luxury vinyl underlayment.

Minimum: Install a 6-mil Vapor Barrier

At minimum, you are going to want to install a 6-mil vapor barrier underneath your luxury vinyl plank. This will stop all moisture from reaching your floor and causing havoc.

6 Mil Vapor Barrier

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