What Version of QuietWalk Do I Need?

What Version of QuietWalk Do I Need

Transcript: “Great question. We usually ask the first question of what flooring you are installing and the installation type. If the installation only requires floating (no gluing or nail down application), the regular QuietWalk will be recommended. If you have a nail or glue-down application, we will recommend QuietWalk LV as the film is malleable towards nails and has better adhesive properties for flooring glue adhesives. That leaves us the last member of the QuietWalk family – QuietWalk Luxury Vinyl. You got it, The QuietWalk Luxury Vinyl is made for luxury vinyl planks and tiles that are 2mm or thicker. Its dense properties provide denser support than the brother (QuietWalk) for planks and tiles.

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You are about to install your new flooring. As you lay the first plank you realize that

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