Where is QuietWalk Made? MP Global Products Plant Tour

Where is QuietWalk Made MP Global Plant Tour

Welcome to the home of MP Global Products – where for over 25 years we have been manufacturing high performance flooring underlayments and other custom fiber products right here in Norfolk, NE.  We might be located in a small town, but our ideas are big, and our products span the globe!  Let’s see how the best underlayment for hard surfaced flooring on planet is made….

GREEN Manufacturing

We are a green manufacturer and we like to tout that we were “green” long before being “green”  was ever fashionable!  In general, the DNA of our products come from upcycling remnant fibers from Textile mills that were otherwise destined for a landfill.  Our patented manufacturing process consumes up to 300 tons of these fibers per week!  If we were to convert those fibers to blue jeans, that would be the equivalent of One Hundred Thousand Blue Jeans walking around every Month 😊. 

But as it is, these various fibers are sourced from all over the country and are the backbone of all our products including: our mainstay brand of QuietWalk! 

QuietWalk and its family of flooring underlayment products have been specified and installed all over the world for sound . moisture control, and unfailing support to the floor’s performance.  In fact, we have sold enough to cover over 40,000 football fields!!!


Each product has an engineered and tested formula of fibers that are continuously fed in these various hoppers – to further open them up and to blend them together to the designed recipe for the final product.  For our process, the fluffier we make the fibers, the better they are for our process . Each product we make has a certain performance spec and precise formulation of material calculation that results in the end thickness and density. 


In one of the last phases of the blending process, we add our anti-microbial treatment to the fibers to inhibit mold and mildew growth in our final products. 

As the blend of fibers travel along through a series of air ducts, they are formed on the belt before the thermal bonding process begins.  

Over 400-degree oven –

Over 400 degrees of heat applied to the fibers as they pass on through the oven and this will  thermally bond them together – this additionally kills any microbes or organisms in our product 😊

As it comes out, it goes through a series of rollers and cooling processes that forms the pad to the proper spec of density and thickness of the product being produced.

It is still warm enough to allow the vapor barrier to thermally bond to the fibers.  This “Heat Transfers” onto the fibers without any additional adhesives or chemicals – helping us further our hypoallergenic certifications and excellent Indoor Air Quality Certifications, like our GREENGUARD GOLD stamp that proudly is displayed on every one of our fiber underlayment products.  Not only is this healthy for the end consumer, but for the installer that is working with the materials as well. 

Once the product is cut to size, rolled up, and appropriately packaged… we proudly prepare it for our customers’ orders.

As you can quickly see, the power of our products is in our fibers.  And MP Global’s commitment to producing the best performing underlayments on the market –  all start from materials that would have otherwise ended up in our landfills. 

MP Global Products – Your Sustainable Underlayment Specialists

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