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With the rise of waterproof and scratch resistant flooring such as luxury vinyl plank or luxury vinyl tile flooring over the last 5 years, underlayment manufacturers are now offering underlayment to help noise reduction. Flooring manufactures offer consumers waterproof and scratch-resistant flooring which is ideal for consumers. The only reason to choose underlayment for LVP or LVT is for noise reduction.

Most commonly condo associations or hoa’s are looking for the best sound reduction an underlayment can provide and use that to setup guidelines for the tenants.

Luxury Vinyl Plank Underlayment Made In USA

If you are looking for quality underlayment that offers superior sound reduction, QuietWalk LV has the best sound rating in the industry. Made in the USA (Nebraska), we take pride and care when making our underlayment. All our recycled fibers are post-industrial and come from inside USA. This allows us to receive Green Guard certification and insures that our underlayment doesn’t provide harmful off-gas chemicals.

Consider Flooring Manufacturers Recommendations

Luxury vinyl plank manufacturers mention only vapor barrier in their installations. They recommend this due to not allowing (concrete subfloor) getting moisture or alkalinity to your flooring choice. This will eliminate any potential for claims or damages to the manufacturers flooring.

Industry Concerns

You might read that installing underlayment underneath flooring can cause the click-lock mechanism to be compromised. This is true if you install the incorrect underlayment. You would want an underlayment that is thin and dense. This will prevent any click-lock joint mechanism to not become compromised.

Additional Benefits

R Value – underlayment can offer comfort to your floor. Offering a thermal rating can help you determine how well the underlayment can keep warmth underfoot and conduct heat. Particulary helpful with concrent and basement applications.

Indoor Air Quality – With post-industrial recycled fibers that make up QuietWalk LV, you can be certain the underlayment won’t provide any off-gassing. Some individuals are sensitive to chemicals and looking for a healthy choice of underlayment.

What You Need For Your Flooring Application

We recommend for you to read the flooring installation instructions for proper installation. 95% of the time, they will recommend a 6-mil vapor barrier to be installed underneath the flooring. If you are concerned about noise reduction, we recommend for you to take a look at the QuietWalk LV as it offers the best Delta IIC rating in the industry. The fibers make it dense and thin enough to not compromise the click-lock joint mechanism.

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