MoistureBlock™ 6-mil Vapor Barrier Flooring Underlayment

  • Keeps moisture out
  • For use with laminate and engineered wood
  • Includes an adhesive strip for overlap
MSRP: $29.99
100 Sq Ft30"x40'MB006300100


6-mil Vapor Barrier

6-mil Vapor Barrier

Blocks moisture to protect overlying flooring.

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Thank you for reaching out. The first thing installed over the concrete is the 6 mil vapor barrier, then the QuietWalk Luxury Vinyl with the film side up, and then your floor covering.

Thank you for reaching out. As long as the heating element is embedded at least 1/2″ in a cementitious substrate, you will be good to proceed.

Thank you for reaching out. This product is not designed to accept adhesive. You will have to check with adhesive manufacturer’s and see if they have any product that will bond to a polyethylene film.

Thank you for reaching out. That is not an approved application and we have no way of knowing if it would work in that setting.

Thank you for reaching out. You will need to use any product that has a vapor barrier to stop the moisture.

Thank you for reaching out. This will be the last product to go down before the flooring.


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by Chris M - Home Depot Review

Does the job!

No frills, works as intended.
by BirdinKeys - Amazon Review

Great underpayment for vinyl plank flooring

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