QuietWalk with DriWick Technology

QuietWalk Acoustic Underlayment is made from a blend of recycled fibers in a patented process that offers unparalleled performance under your new floor. Because of this dense composition, QuietWalk’s fibers inherently offer a host of benefits such as sound control and uncrushing support for the joints of the floor, and most importantly… moisture protection from above and below with the exclusive DriWick technology.

Check this out….The power is in the fibers! When there is moisture present….QuietWalk doesn’t just let the moisture set under the floor with no where to go – its blend of fibers go to work to protect your floor! The exclusive DriWick technology in QuietWalk attacks moisture present especially concrete subfloors in a way that no other underlayment on the market can do. The antimicrobial treated fibers draw in and wick moisture away from your floors while The pre-attached vapor barrier keeps your floors safe and dry. This allows your subfloor to “breathe”, never allowing moisture to become trapped under the flooring where it can accumulate and become harmful to ALL flooring materials…yes even the proclaimed waterproof kind. So, waterproof your floors from the bottom up with the exclusive DriWick Techology found only in QuietWalk Acoustic Underlayment.