How To Fasten Underlayment To Subfloor


We wanted to go over how to fasten underlayment to your subfloor in this article. Before starting, we recommend you to read your flooring underlayment installation instructions.

Two Different Ways to Fasten Underlayment to Subfloor

Floating Underlayment

Most flooring underlayment is installed floating on top of your subfloor. Installers usually lay the underlayment on the floor and start installing the laminate flooring on top. There is no fastening the underlayment to the subfloor.

However, during installation some installers like to fasten underlayment to the subfloor to prevent the underlayment from moving. If your choose this route, staples are a good choice to fasten the underlayment. Staples usually have a coating which help increase the holding power.

Crown Compression Stapler

Using a crown compression stapler, staple 2 inches on the seams and edges with 4-6 inches apart in the middle.

How To Fasten Underlayment To Subfloor

Glue-Down Underlayment

If your flooring is a glue-down flooring installation type, please refer back to your flooring manufacturers installation instructions on what they recommend for glue.

Some examples of glue in the flooring industry is Bostik’s BEST Urethane Adhesive or DriTac 5900 MegaBond.

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