Finding the best underfloor heating for laminate flooring can be tricky. Will my laminate flooring work with floor heat? How long will it last? Will it discolor my floor if heat is underneath. In this article, we provide why we believe QuietWarmth radiant floor heating systems is the best underfloor heating for laminate flooring.

Provides Consistent Heat

Your floor is heated uniformly with no gaps and the radiant heat is dispersed evenly throughout the room. Even heat distribution llows the QuietWarmth to cycle quicker resulting in less energy consumption.

Heat never exceeds 85 degree F, allowing your feet to have the perfect temperature while keeping the flooring from getting too much heat.

No Discoloration

QuietWarmth works with any flooring that is 4mm or thicker. Thicker than 4mm allows enough to not allow the heat to discolor the flooring.

Installation is a breeze

Average DIY warrior will be able to install the floor heat within couple of hours. Roll out film, cut mat to length and wire up to electrical wiring. Provides same day flooring installation. No mortar or waiting for underlayment to cure.

Ability to Cut to length

Have a unique space but can get a mesh or cable floor heating mat to fit in? QuietWarmth comes in two different widths and can be cut to length to fit your space.

Thinner than credit card

Film mats are thinner than a credit card preventing height difference from existing flooring.

Works With Laminate Underlayment Such As QuietWalk

Works perfectly with QuietWalk underlayment to subside the cables and to ensure floor is flat.

Warranty is 25 years

No need to worry, these mats will last. No moving parts, maintenance free and easily accessible underneath laminate flooring if issue does occur. No need to tear up mortar or self leveling underlayment.

Excellent Reviews

We have a ton of excellent reviews from DIY to professionals saying they love this system.

We feel QuietWarmth is the best underfloor heating for lamiante flooring and if you want to read more information on our systems, you can click on the following link:

QuietWarmth Underfloor Heating for Laminate Flooring

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

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