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How to install heated floors
Radiant Floor Heating

Before we get into how to install heated floors, we first must understand what heated floors are, and why homeowners choose to install them. Why install heated floors Heated floors are one of the most popular heating options. There is something luxuriant, almost decadent, about the feeling of warm floors under your feet, but it’s […]

Do Heated Floors Use a Lot of Electricity
Radiant Floor Heating

It all depends on how many watts your radiant heat system consumes per hour and how much your lifestyle plans to live with the system turned on. Since electric companies charge us a rate on how many Kilowatt-hours per month our homes consume it is easy to compute and understand how much an electric radiant […]

How to Install QuietWarmth Peel & Stick Membrane to the Subfloor
Radiant Floor Heating

How to install the peel and stick membrane on the QuietWarmth radiant heat film for tile… This small video is to show how to stick the “peel and stick” membrane to the subfloor, assuming all previous steps to prepare the mat have been followed. There is a link in the description for another video to […]

How to install underlayment for laminate flooring
Floor Underlayment

How to Install Underlayment for Laminate Using QuietWalk All wood and concrete subfloors must be flat within 1/8″ over a 6′ span, or 3/16″ over a 10′ span. All areas must be checked prior to installation. General Information Product may be installed over: Recommended Uses: Subfloor and Preparation: Installation Methods Floating Floor Installation * In […]

The Best Places to Install Radiant Floor Heating
Radiant Floor Heating

Do you want to find a better way to heat your home? There are several options to choose from when you want to heat your home effectively while keeping your utility bills low. However, nothing surpasses radiant floor heating, also known as just “floor heating”. It brings out a unique, luxurious feel in any home. […]

Convection Heat Vs Electric Radiant Floor Heating
Radiant Floor Heating

There is a difference between radiant heat and convectional heat. Both heating methods work fine independently, but knowing which application makes more sense for your home can make you and your family more comfortable. Combining these two heat sources can also be a blessing for people who want to save money during the winter months […]

Does Radiant Floor Heat Add Value to Your Home?
Radiant Floor Heating

Radiant floor heat is a great way to add warmth and comfort in your home during the cold months of the year. You can use it to effectively warm your house in cold weather and your family will thank you for it. However, the question is does radiant floor heat add value to your home? […]

The Pros and Cons of Heating Floors
Radiant Floor Heating

Underfloor heating, also known as radiant heating, is a prestigious home addition and an upcoming trend when building new houses or renovating. This feature focuses on comfortable, clean and design-led living. Despite underfloor heating being a cozy way to warm your feet, questions still arise about its worth considering the installation and extra cost. Is […]

Flooring Compatible with QuietWarmth Radiant Heating Systems.
Radiant Floor Heating

With all of the different flooring brands out there, it can be hard to tell if your flooring is compatible with QuietWarmth Radiant Heating Systems. The good news is most kinds of flooring are compatible! We will cover some common flooring brands and how you can find out if your flooring is compatible if not […]

What is the Best Electric Floor Heating System
Radiant Floor Heating

With all of the floor heating systems out there, figuring out the best electric floor heating system can be tough. In fact, it can become even tougher when you have to consider what type of flooring you’re installing. In this article, we will go over what you need to consider when determining what electric floor […]

QuietWarmth Launches New 7-Day WIFI Programmable Thermostat with Alexa and Echo Compatibility
Radiant Floor Heating

More and more homeowners are beginning to control their homes with a smart assistant. Smart assistants can help you control the lighting, home security, TV’s, and more. This is why QuietWarmth has Launched their New 7-day WIFI Programmable Thermostat with Alexa and Echo Compatibility. Smart Interaction The QuietWarmth 7-Day WIFI Programmable Thermostat with Alexa and […]

What is the Best Flooring for Underfloor Heating
Radiant Floor Heating

When discussing the best flooring for underfloor heating, there are many aspects to consider, such as thickness and heat retention. However, the most important is how easily the flooring material lets heat pass through or, for short, thermal conductivity. The best flooring for underfloor heating will have the highest thermal conductivity. High thermal conductivity will […]