• Provides excellent acoustical performance
  • Minimizes impressions and indentations better than traditional foam underlayments
  • CRI certified and residential and commercial rated
  • MSRP: $115
    100 Sq Ft3'x33.4'SOUNDBUFFER100 200 Sq Ft3' x 66.7'SOUNDBUFFER


    Float It

    Float It

    Can be used with a variety of floating floor types.

    Nail It

    Nail It

    Allows fasteners to penetrate through it.

    Glue It

    Glue It

    Allows adhesives to adhere for glue down application.

    Sound Reduction

    Sound Reduction

    Provides excellent acoustical performance, when compared to traditional polyethylene foam underlayment.

    Compression Resistant

    Compression Resistant

    Dense material will minimize the amount of denting and telescoping conformity the planks or tile can have to the subfloor.

    Customer Questions

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    No, at this time, we are unaware of any underlayment for peel and stick vinyl.

    Hi Lisa, You can view the IIC sound ratings here:

    Please refer to your flooring manufacturer adhesive recommendations.

    This product will not prevent moisture from concrete. Yes, you can put this product on top 6-mil vapor barrier as 6-mil vapor will block all moisture.

    No, SoundBuffer cannot be used for ceramic tile. AbsorbaSound is a great product that will work excellent for ceramic tile.

    It is approved to be used with radiant heat systems.

    Unfortunately that is not a recommended application.

    Thank you for reaching out; This is not an approved application and we have no testing data to support if it works or not.


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    by _Ken - Review

    Super workable and easily installable. Superb quality. I’m definitely loving...

    Super workable and easily installable. Superb quality. I’m definitely loving the feel of walking across my new floor with this underlayment compared to when I was a flooring installer using the cheap stuff.
    by Charles - Review


    Excellent product will buy again.
    by KLH - Review

    I cannot speak for the sound deadening qualities as my...

    I cannot speak for the sound deadening qualities as my installation was needed to isolate my floating LVP floor from residual adhesive from the previous vinyl tile floor, so I did not rate it the full 5 stars. The product was easy to work with and to tape the seams together. It laid out flat and the new flooring easily laid over it.
    by ColoradoW - Review

    amazing MP Global phone conversation and support

    I’m waiting for my Sound Buffer underlayment to be delivered. Had some questions about the installation. I’m able to call MP Global directly in one call, 3 rings, a live person on. She connects me with their product expert, no message, a live person again. My questions were answered clearly. I’m just amazed they are able to support customers in this personal way. I can’t wait to install my floor with their product.

    Sound Rating Test


    Impact Insulation Class (IIC)Sound transmission through the floor.


    Sound Transmission Class (STC)Airborne sound transmission through a partition.


    Delta IIC (IIC)Sound transmission difference between a concrete subfloor with and without flooring.

    * The higher the number, the better the noise control!

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    Enhanced Content

    Noise Cancelling
    SoundBuffer's unique structure controls impact and airborne noise to cushion the floor, absorb sound & help make laminate sound like real wood.
    • IIC 68
    • STC 64
    • Delta IIC 22
    Smooths Imperfections
    SoundBuffer's dense rubber construction is firm enough to support the overlaying floor, but flexible enough to form around sub-floor surface roughness that may otherwise cause laminate panels to "rock" or lay unevely.
    Compatible Flooring
    • Laminate
    • Solid Wood
    • LVT/LVP
    • WPC/SPC
    Installation Methods
    • Floating
    • Double Glue Down
    • Mechanically Fastened